sensible ads

Advertising simplified


Simple, yet powerful targeting that meets your needs.


Easy-to-use, responsive ads that fit your layout.


Non-invasive ads that respect your privacy.

Why sensible ads are better

High-quality network

Ads and sites are reviewed to ensure their appropriateness and safety, leading to a better experience for everyone.

Effective targeting

Target your ads to the sites and users that matter by combining relevant tags, including location, and excluding unwanted ones.

Transparent costs

Our system allows advertisers to specify the per-impression cost they are willing to pay per ad served which will determine how often their ads are shown. As an advertiser, this means that you pay exactly what you expect with no hidden fees or costs.

Retina-optimized ads

By requiring high-resolution images for all ads, we ensure that they will look sharp and crisp on all devices.

Flexible ad spaces

As a publisher, you are no longer restricted by arbitrary ad sizes that often look out of place. Ad units are available in a range of aspect ratios and size categories.

Straightforward payouts

Payouts are processed monthly and publishers can receive them at any time using PayPal, with a low minimum payout and a 70% revenue share.

Simple, safe embeds

Drop a single iframe into your page and you're ready to display ads. No external scripts are run on your site ensuring safe ads, always.